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Spiral Tribe
Respect to the hardcore mother earth

style(s) : Breakbeat, Hardtechno
label : Expressillon
format : 2*CD
cat n° : EXPR-SPICD
COUNTRY : France


Surrounded by legends, the Spiral Tribe might be the most mythical tribe of electronic music's history ! It is sometimes hard to tell the truth from the lies concerning them but the fact that the members of this British crew introduced and imported the techno traveller and the free party movement to our continent is too often mentioned to be totally wrong.
A lot has been written, said and fantasized on Spiral Tribe. This nebula carried a so powerful state of mind that we tend to mention the means of distribution which it imposed rather than  the value of its productions. The soundtrack of the DVD ' World Traveller Adventures' (Uwe/2004) evokes it, the triple CD 'Network 23' (Expressillon/2004) compiles the period 1993-1996, but the very first releases, some of which contained slogans which were set up as hymns by a whole movement, such as the famous " You might stop the party but you can’t stop the future", are for a long time untraceable.
To celebrate the beginning of a new chapter which sees artists, musicians and DJ’s of Spiral Tribe meet again to work together on new music, this part of their discography decorated with unpublished works is republished today on a double CD and four vinyl 'picture discs' combined in a limited edition box.
The spiral must never stop turning…